Financial Literacy Month

April marks the beginning of Financial Literacy Month in the United States. Since 2004, Financial Literacy Month has designated April as a period to promote and refine the pecuniary analysis and decision making abilities of the American people. While Financial Literacy Month was originally conceived as a government initiative to fortify the monetary choices of everyday citizens, this event has been well received and heavily promoted by various communities in the private sector.

At Agile Precis Ventures, we believe that Financial Literacy Month touches the very soul of our group’s mission. Through our business coaching, consulting expertise, and access to advanced pedagogical technologies, expanding the financial comprehension of our clients is at the core of APV. Our staff is composed of veteran entrepreneurs from a variety of business backgrounds. This diversity of experience translates to a thorough understanding of sound fiscal practices applied over multiple area of life. Our experience, when harnessed through our partnered universities, as well as IBM programs such as Watson and 3D virtual reality training, creates a robust classroom in which can blossom anywhere on Earth.

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