Georgian Viticulture: An 5000-Year-Old Tradition

Since roughly 5000 B.C., the people inhabiting the country of Georgia have practiced fermenting the many grape varieties native to South Caucasus. Noted for their extensive array of forms and cultivation, Georgian wines have long been considered some of the most exquisite in Asia, if not the world. As a result of the Cold War, as well as French and American wine production, Georgian wine has faced many obstacles to reaching Western consumer markets. However, these challenges have not hampered the impressive sophistication and taste that imbibers experience when tasting a glass of Tvishi or Mukuzani.

From its humble origins in clay pots buried under the earth of the scenic Caucus Mountains, Georgian viticulture has grown tremendously over the past few decades.

Today, Georgian wine is poised to emerge onto the international market. The Georgian economy has become increasingly integrated with the European Union and other neighboring nations. With Georgia’s rising role in the world economy, it is expected that the wine produced within its borders is finding a wider audience with international consumers.

To oenophiles in the US, Georgian wine can be hard to find.  If you know of a good store where they are offered, let us know and we will pass the word around.  We at Agile Precis Ventures are excited to take a part in this expansion of a signature Georgian product.

Through developing SME’s, Agile Precis Ventures will fuel innovation and job growth in Georgia and throughout the developing world.

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